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University of Southern Queensland

Community Drive

Make over of USQ's 'front garden'New view up drive

During 2007, USQ’s 'front garden' will be receiving an exciting make-over.

To view a two-minute ALIVE presentation of this major 40th anniversary project you will need a broadband internet connection and either Windows Media Player 9 or Windows Media Player 9 for Macintosh depending on your operating systems.

Community Drive will become a major environmental showcase and a symbol of the University’s close links with its communities.
The renovation of the West Street entranceway using a mixture of both native and carefully selected exotic tree species will:

  • serve as a showcase for environmentally sustainable landscaping; employing novel water recycling, rainwater harvesting and other water-wise techniques such as the use of wetting agents and heavy mulching during planting;
  • represent USQ’s status as both a major regional university and a diverse transnational community; and
  • create a meaningful and long-lasting symbol of the link between the University and its communities. 

View from top of driveA formal drive will be created lined by 115 stately Norfolk Island Pines, with road re-development to include a safer drop-off point.

A central Avenue of Flags will highlight the diverse origins of USQ’s students and staff.

A locally crafted wind sculpture (based on the original windmill that stood on the east ring road at Baker Street) will be erected to symbolise USQ’s regional roots and close association with the local community.

A number of Community Drive Landscape Concepts Maps (PDF 1009kb) outline the plans further.

How has the project been developed?

Extensive consultations have been conducted in partnership with Toowoomba City Council to design the Community Drive to serve as a major environmental and community showcase and to create a stately entrance-way to the campus.

Tree species have been selected for their ability to thrive in the local environment, including their ability to be managed effectively during the current drought conditions, as well as for their aesthetic appeal and character.  Both native species and appropriate exotics have been painstakingly selected.New view from bottom of drive

The landscape design and management will be a model for best practice gardening in the current drought conditions.

When will the project commence?

The first phase of the project will involve the removal of 40 existing trees adjacent to the main drive and some remnant plantings along West Street.

This will occur during the month of April.  This work is necessary to select out diseased or unsafe trees, and to incorporate the new landscape design.  As much as possible, existing trees will be incorporated into the new groves. 

The new development will involve over 600 individual trees representing over 100 different tree species.

The first grove plantings will commence in June/July 2007.

Project on Display

A display of the 40th Anniversary Community Drive project will be available for viewing on the third level of the USQ Toowoomba Library from Wednesday 13 June 2007.



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