Concannon College

Owned by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Toowoomba and managed by the university, Concannon College accommodates102 students. The college was built in honour of the Concannon family, particularly Monsignor Edward Concannon in appreciation for his devotion to youth and education throughout the Toowoomba Diocese for over 50 years. Constructed in three stages, the last being completed in September 1991, the College consists of 4 blocks, a dining hall and a recreation hall.

Being Catholic owned, the college is based on Catholic Christian values. However, students from all and any religious backgrounds, beliefs and cultures are welcome. A sporting culture also runs through Concannon. With the support and guidance of pastoral care and fellow students, residents develop the ability to manage and achieve well in both their studies and sporting activities.

Concannon Orations

The annual Concannon Oration was institued by college founder Bishop Edward Kelly. Each year, a prominent guest speaker is invited to address topics relevant to today's world.

Year    Orator  Topic
2012 Professor Elaine Wainwright 'Save Us! We Are Perishing!' (Matt 8:25): Reading the Biblical Text in an Ecological Age
2010 Professor Father Frank Brennen, SJAO 'Human Rights, Religion and the Law'
2009 The Honourable Justice Martin Daubney 'Ethics in a Commercial World'
2008 Geraldine Doogue, AO, renowned Australian journalist and broadcasted  'Holding a Vision in a Busy World'