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Information technology

Internet access

College residents with their own computers are provided with free broadband access to the USQ Student computer network, including the Internet.

The free internet quota (PDF* 43 KB) allowance for bedrooms is 10GB per month. Any usage above 10GB will be charged at the rate of AUD5.50 per GB or part thereof. In addition, the University allows each student a weekly internet quota of 1GB per month from the on campus computer labs in K block and the Hub. 

Steps to access the student computer network and obtain assistance are:

  1. Ensure your computer has a network interface card (10/100Mb Ethernet card) and virus protection software.
  2. Obtain from McGregor College Office an Instruction Leaflet for your particular Operating System (e.g. Windows XP, Windows 7, or MAC OS X 10.4). Ensure the cable to connect your bedroom phone to your PC (RJ-45 port) is already in your bedroom.
  3. Follow the instruction leaflet using your UConnect student username and password for the bedroom to gain access.
  4. If you experience any difficulties gaining access, contact a fellow student or one of the resident student coordinators whose names appear on notice boards in your block.

USQ provides Sophos Anti-Virus free of charge to staff and students to use on home computers. You are responsible for any damage which may result from requesting assistance. Read the Code of Practice for the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources and be aware that access can be disabled where the Code is breached or where a virus is detected on your PC.
Internet access is only provided to USQ students, staff or USQ sponsored visitors and not the general public.


The Cisco IP Phone 7911 Series is a full-feature telephone that provides voice communication over an IP network. This means you can make or receive telephone calls while at the same time being logged on to the internet. Brief operating instructions are on the wall of each bedroom and a Quick Reference Guide (PDF* 184 KB) summarising the basic call features for users is also available.

The bedroom telephone number is +61 7 4687 XXXX (the four digits shown on the screen on the left hand side). Residents are requested not to move telephones from one bedroom to another as this causes problems for both residents and staff.

Internal calls

All internal calls are free (including computer network/internet access) and the last four digits are dialed to make a call. This includes all calls made to campus numbers such as security, the office and all residents of McGregor, Steele Rudd and Concannon Colleges.

External calls

External calls are made via a pre-paid phone card. When you purchase one of these cards, you will find a section on the back that requires scratching off. Under this is a twelve digit card identification number. On the top of this card you will find an 1800 number, which you are required to call when making an external call.

  1. dial 0 to get an outside line
  2. dial the 1800 number on the card
  3. follow the prompts from the operator (ie to continue in English, press 1)
  4. enter in the 12 digit card number when prompted
  5. the automated operator will indicate the value remaining on the card
  6. enter in the phone number you wish to call, including the area code (this includes local calls).

Voice mail

Voice Mail is available from student bedrooms and the Voice Mail Instructions for Residents (PDF* 151 KB) provides a step-by-step guide.

Upon arrival, it is important for new permanent residents to immediately access their mailbox, change the default Security Code, record their name to identify their mailbox and record a personal greeting.