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Application fees

A non-refundable fee of AUD50 is required upon application. Offers for a place in Residential Colleges will be mailed to you once your academic acceptance to USQ has been confirmed (eg when auditions are finalised or QTAC offers are made).

Please note: completion of an application form is not a guarantee of a place in the Colleges

Residential College

Accommodation type  Other features

2014 Weekly fee (AUD)

McGregor Single storey block - single flat Separate study room and own bathroom


Single storey block - single room (A-D) Own bathroom

Single storey block - single room (E-K) Bathroom shared between  two students


Concannon Double storey block - single room Bathroom shared between  two students


Steele Rudd  Single storey block - single bedroom (C-I) Bathroom shared between ten students


Double storey block - single bedroom (B) Bathroom shared between 15 students


Double storey block - single bedroom (A)

Bathroom shared between 9-15 students

Self-catered facilities - kitchen shared between 4-6 students


* Annual fee is based on 30 weeks.

  • Accommodation is charged on a weekly basis if required during orientation or vacation periods. The majority of residents vacate and return home during vacation periods.
  • Residents are provided with accommodation on the basis that they remain in residence for at least a semester (15 weeks) under the terms and conditions outlined in the Rules of Residency (PDF* 686 KB).

Resident Student Club (RSC) fees

Each semester every resident is required to pay a Resident Student Club fee to the Resident Student Club of each college, who expend the funds for the benefit of residents.


As the University cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to your belongings, it is advised that you take out an 'all risks' insurance policy on your personal belongings and property.

Fee reduction

Fee reduction procedures for resident accommodation, as outlined in paragraph 6.4 of the Rules of Residency, can apply in the following circumstances:

  • a 'room only' fee of AUD120 per week when residents are away from Residential Colleges for more than a week for authorised academic programmes, illness or extenuating circumstances
  • a 5% discount applies where fees are paid annually in advance by the due date and the student remains in residence for the academic year
  • a 10% discount applies to a second sibling while both siblings are in residence.

*This file is in Portable Document Format (PDF) which requires the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader. A free copy of Acrobat Reader may be obtained from Adobe. Users who are unable to access information in PDF should contact the Accommodation Officer or telephone +61 7 4631 2650 to obtain this information in an alternative format.