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Scholarships, awards and bursaries

USQ offers a range of scholarships each year, catering for students from all backgrounds as well as high achieving students. Some scholarships which can assist in funding accommodation fees include:

University wide scholarships

USQ offers a range of scholarships available to students who have demonstrated academic excellence, leadership, and participation in the wider community.

Annual academic awards and prizes

The annual Inauguration Dinner, attended by the Vice-Chancellor and senior academic staff, offers up to 20 prizes and awards  to residents to recognise their achievements in the previous academic year. This includes monetary awards, totalling in excess of AUD7000. The 2014 prizes, presenters and winners are listed below.

2014 List of Prizes



Prize Winner 


Chancellor'S Prize 

Mr John Dornbusch

April Strand 


Vice Chancellor's Scholars Prize 

Professor Jane Verbyla
Acting VC 

Denika Moes
Alex Darton
William MacDonald 


Business and Commerce Prize 

Professor Roger Lawrey
HOS - School of Commerce 

Athina Cantle 


Creative Arts and Media Prize

Associate Professor Jill Lawrence
Associate Dean (Students) - Faculty of BELA 

Kelly Hooker


Education Prize

Doctor Warren Midgley
HOS - School of Linguistics, Adult and Specialist Education 

Sara Vinci


Engineering and Built Environment Prize 

Professor Thiru Aravinthan
Associate Dean (Research and Research Training) - Faculty of HES

Samuel Walker


Health and Community Prize

Professor Cath Rogers
HOS - School of Health, Nursing and Midwifery 

Jacalyn Dunn


Humanities and Communication Prize

Associate Professor Jill Lawrence
Associate Dean (Students) - Faculty of BELA 

Jessica Fletcher 


Law and Justice Prize 

Associate Professor Jill Lawrence
Associate Dean (Students) - Faculty of BELA  

Max Sutton 


Sciences Prize 

Professor Grant Daggard
HOS - School of Agricultural, Computational and Environmental Sciences 

Lucy Galea 


Academic Advancement Prize 

Professor Janet Verbyla 
Acting VC 

Kirsten Young 


Research Prize 

Professor Peter Terry
Director (Research Training and Development) 

Stephanie Piper


Indigenous Australian Academic Prize 

Ms Christie White
Director, Student Services and Social Justice 

Joseph Roberson 


USQ International Prize

Mr Carl Rallings
DVC (Students and Communities)

Li Xing Pan 


Community Leadership Prize - Concannon College

Ms Julie Hohn
Toowoomba Wholesale Distributers

Denika Moes 


Community Leadership Prize - McGregor College

Mr Chris Fraser
Combined Refrigerator Services 

Hannah Maccartney


Community Leadership Prize - Steele Rudd College

Mr Peter Munster
Director, Student Engagement and Leadership
(On behalf of Toowoomba Locksmiths) 

Danielle Chapman