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Learning communities

USQ Residential Colleges have established a number of learning communities to enhance your University experience.

What is a learning community?

Learning communities are active social groups consisting of members with a common interest i.e. Engineering students, International students etc. With the support of a Collegiate Team representative, learning communities organise social as well as study related events including:

  •  presentations by guest speakers
  •  movie nights
  •  barbeques
  •  trips and other social gatherings. 

Why join a learning community?

Learning communities exist to help and encourage you to achieve personal goals, and promote an enjoyable university experience. Participating in residential learning communities will help you adjust to university living and learning, to build upon your academic achievement, and foster friendships. Learning communities also provide opportunities for mentorships between new and experienced students, and between students and faculties.

First-Year Learning Community

Adjusting to living and learning in the tertiary environment can be difficult for new students. The First Year Learning Community organises social events to help you get to know fellow students, and arranges opportunities for you to learn about university support services. A member of the Collegiate Team meets regularly with first year students to discuss issues or concerns, and supports them in organising social activities for their learning community.

International Student Learning Community

Living and learning in a foreign country is a wonderful experience, though it can be daunting at times. The International Student Learning Community at the Residential Colleges provides social opportunities for foreign students to interact, to share experiences and culture, and with opportunities to seek support. A member of the Collegiate Team works with international students to plan events, including cultural events, trips, and meals.  

Discipline Specific Learning Communities

Discipline specific learning communities (e.g. Law, Nursing Learning Community etc) have been created at the Residential Colleges to help you with course progress, and also to enhance your awareness of the professional requirements and opportunities associated with your chosen vocation. Members of discipline specific learning communities study together, attend presentations by guest speakers, and participate in social activities. A member of the Collegiate Team liaises with faculties, staff and residents to organise social events.

Student Leadership Learning Community

We believe that leadership is an important skill that all university students should develop. The Residential Colleges Student Leadership Learning Community was created to help you learn about leadership styles, communication and negotation skills, event organisation, and other leadership competencies. Members of this learning community meet regularly to discuss leadership concepts, and to organise events where their leadership skills are applied (eg annual charity ball, fundraisers etc).