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Resident Student Club

Each college has a Resident Student Club (RSC) of which all resident students are members. The running of the RSC is vested in a committee voted in by all members of the resident body. The RSC is responsible for organising sporting and informal social activities, including Residential Shield Competition as well as representing students in discussions at committees. The executive members and contact email for each college’s RSC are as follows:


  • President – Michaela Mahony
  • Social Coordinator – Nicky Mitchell
  • Sports Coordinator – Denika Moes
  • Finance Officer - Emma Keech
  • Secretary - Paula Araujo 



  • President – Josh Lyons
  • Social Coordinator – Jennifer Laycock
  • Sports Coordinator – Alex Darton
  • Finance Officer  -  Erin Walker
  • Secretary  -  Nathan Garvey


Steele Rudd

  • President – Reegan Milne
  • Social Coordinator – Aaron Langbecker
  • Sports Coordinator – Sarah Paterson
  • Finance Officer - Thomas Curran
  • Secretary - Courtney Park