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Resident Student Club

All resident students are members of the Resident Student Club (RSC) of your college. Each college has its own RSC whose representatives are elected annually by you and your fellow students. These student leader representatives are responsible for arranging social events throughout the year, including formal and semi-formal dinners, informal social activities, excursions, sporting fixtures and inter-college events. The executive members and contact e-mail for each collage's RSC are as below:  


  • President – Emma Kingdom
  • Social Coordinator – Eve Hibbard
  • Sports Coordinator – Alex Cook
  • Finance Officer - Michaela Mahony 
  • Secretary - Kara Jensen



  • President – Nathan Garvey 
  • Social Coordinator – Bella Tilbury 
  • Sports Coordinator – Reino Aviano 
  • Finance Officer  -  Peter Mercer 
  • Secretary  -  Ariela Rother 


Steele Rudd

  • President – Thomas Curran 
  • Social Coordinator – Ebony McDonnell
  • Sports Coordinator – Justin Hirning 
  • Finance Officer - Steven Mosetter
  • Secretary