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Steele Rudd College

Steele Rudd College is named after the distinguished Australian and Darling Downs author Arthur Hoey Davis whose pen-name was Steele Rudd. Established as an initiative of and supported by the Darling Downs Association for Advanced Education, Steele Rudd was established in 1969 and can accommodate up to 119 occupants, divided into nine blocks and offers both fully catered and self catered options.

The accommodations options offered at the college include:

  • 65 bedrooms offering shared bathrooms (same sex) between 10 residents
  • 30 bedrooms offering shared bathrooms (same sex) between 8 residents
  • 29 bedrooms offering shared bathrooms (same sex) between 15 residents (self catering)
  • 1 single occupancy flat, offering private ensuite bathroom and separate study room (self catering)

Self-catered option

Steele Rudd offers a self catered option as well as a fully catered lifestyle meaning you will have more choice in what, when and where you eat. If you choose the self-catered option, you will still benefit from all other services provided including cleaning and support services.

For more information, please contact the Accommodation Officer.

Hi, I’m Steph, your Senior Resident Advisor and I’m Reegan, your Resident Student Club President. Welcome to Steele Rudd College, where dinner is made and your dignity doesn't matter. Just like our mascot the seagull, we'd love to see you fly in and call Steele Rudd 'mine'.  Whether you'd like to live in the self-catered or catered blocks, we'd love to have you in our big Steele Rudd family.  Some of the many perks of living on Steele Rudd include the closest access to USQ and the community gardens, budget friendly accommodation options and a vibrant social community.