At ACSBD, our staff members are key assets, bringing their extensive knowledge to our projects and research activities.

We are also supported and challenged by our:

ACSDB Members 

Sustainable Agribusiness SME Resilience, Performance and Acceleration
Prof Julie Cotter Assoc Prof Retha Wiesner
Dr Geoff Slaughter Prof Julie Cotter
Mr Roderick Glass Prof Joanne Finkelstein
Prof Geoff Cockfield Dr Shalene Werth
Dr Ann Starasts Dr Jacqui Blake
Dr Eric Ng Dr Karen Miller
Dr Christopher Noble Prof Anthony Gray
  Assoc Prof Jane Summers
  Dr Ling Ling He
  Dr Melissa Johnson Morgan 
  Dr Aastha Malhotra
Teams, Leadership and Organisational Change Regional Development
Prof Tony Machin Prof Michael Cuthill
Prof John Cole Prof Marie Kavanagh
Assoc Prof Aileen Cater-Steel Prof John Cole
Assoc Prof Retha Weisner Dr Paul Collits
Assoc Prof Heather Zeppel Dr Andrew Hickey
Assoc Prof Peter Murray Dr Eidin O'Shea
Prof Julie Cotter Prof Jeffrey Gow
Dr Eric Kong Dr Khorshed Alam
Dr Renee Malan Dr Mafiz Rahman
Dr Hong Eng Goh Dr Michael Lane
Dr Kim Sankey Dr Rasheda Khanam
Dr Erich Fein Dr Sayan Chakrabarty
Dr Jess Co Dr Md Shahiduzzaman
  Dr Lisa McDonald
Other Research  
Prof Allan Layton Assoc Prof Margee Hume 
Prof Ronel Erwee Dr Jianming Yong 
Prof Chandrasekhar Krishnamurti Dr Jon Whitty 
Dr Afzalur Rashid Dr Luke Van Der Laan 
Dr Claire Beattie Dr Mehryar Nooriafshar 
Dr David Thorpe  Dr Noeleen McNamara
Dr Steven Goh  Dr Nicky Jones 
Dr Ian Craig Dr Rangarirai Chimhundu