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Leaving a bequest to USQ

Of all the steps a person can take in their life, planning their final steps can make the most significant difference to the future steps others will take. Our university, our students, our community would not have the same advantages if not for the generosity of our benefactors.

What is a bequest?

A bequest is a planned gift, and can include property, real estate, other items, as well as cash, as designated in your Will. A bequest is a legacy gift that you can purposefully plan to provide endowed scholarships, designate to strengthening university programs or leave for developing university facilities.

Choosing the type of bequest that is best suited to your family and your intentions are important decisions which should be made with care and thought. We suggest talking to your family members and your solicitor about including a bequest to USQ in your Will. Making a bequest is a very personal decision and will be treated in the strictest of confidence by the USQ Bequest Manager.

Why leave a bequest?

Bequests allow people from all walks of life to do something awe-inspiring. A bequest is an opportunity for you to leave a tangible and permanent legacy. For many people, after they provide for loved ones, a bequest is a means of honouring an organisation in which they have faith in. Your bequest is a personal decision which enables you to specify where you would like your donation to be made, and what purpose you would like it to be used for. People have different reasons for leaving a bequest, they may wish to honour the memory of a loved one, invest in the future of the community through improving education, have a desire to support critical research and the development of new technology or to simply give others a chance to fulfil their learning potential.

For a confidential discussion on leaving a bequest to USQ, please contact the Manager (Alumni Relations).