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Kiara O'Gorman

Kiara O'Gorman

Kiara O’Gorman is an inspiration to every young person who is struggling with the decision of what to study at university when there are so many options.

The completed a Bachelor of Arts in April 2012 with a triple major in Creative Media, Communication and Media Studies and English Literacy. A holiday or break is a foreign concept to this young, motivated entrepreneur who studied over 3 semesters to complete her triple major.

Kiara is very clear on her direction for her future and she attributes this to staying in Toowoomba to study at USQ. Since she completed her formal studies in December 2011, Kiara has been researching and establishing her own freelance Public Relations business in Toowoomba.

In late July 2012, she will be flying to India for a couple of months to network with businesses and hopefully create more ties between India and Toowoomba.