DARE mentees



Are you a year 10 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student, who is considering studying after high school, in a university or other higher education institution? If so, the DARE program has been designed especially for you! Just remember, to take part in this program, you will need to register, with your parental consent.

The DARE program coincides with your SET PLAN, which is compulsary planning and subject select for year 11 and 12. Your registration for the DARE program will include your current goals and interest in order to match you with a mentor.

The benefits of the DARE mentoring program are:

  • personal support by a DARE Mentor with homework and assignments
  • three day camp to help you develop leadership skills, building self esteem and improve your knowledge about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture
  • receive research and information technology skills through an online, interactive study desk
  • recognition for participation at a DARE awards ceremony.
  • Traditional Indigenous Games School Competition