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In 2010 Associate Professor Jacquie McDonald was awarded an Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) fellowship focused on communities of practice (CoPs) within higher education titled Community, domain, practice: facilitator's catch-cry for revitalising learning and teaching through communities of practice.

The fellowship was launched by Professor Philip Candy in October 2010 and the first stage involved Jacquie working with facilitators of CoPs to develop their facilitator capacity through engagement in workshop activities.

Fellowship activities and resources


 Prof Phil Candy, Jacquie McDonald October 2010 - ALTC Teaching Fellowship Launch  Boal workshop


February 2011 - Boal Workshop
CoP Facilitators "Rehearsal for Life" Boal workshop presented by Ari Palani and A/Prof Jacquie McDonald    









 Facilitators workshop Feb 11 February 2011 - ALTC Workshops "Designing, Implementing and Facilitating Communities of Practice" (PDF* 149kb)                                               Prof Milton Cox Prof Milton Cox's FLC Program Director's and FLC Facilitator's Handbook and workshop resources
 Milton Cox, Jill Lawrence & Lorelle Burton


February 2011 - Discussion of Faculty Learning Communities at Miami University (USA) and Communities of Practice at USQ** (31.05 mins) - interview by Prof Lorelle Burton and A/Prof Jill Lawrence of USQ, and Prof Milton Cox, of the Centre for the Enhancement of Learning, Teaching and University Assessment, Miami University, USA. 



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 CQU CoPs launch

August 2011 - CQUniversity Community of Practice launch
Strengthening ties with CQU
CQUniversity CoP Champions YouTube video (6:11 mins). 






 Sandy Sharman, Jacquie McDonald, Christine Grimmer


November 2011 - Presentation "Establishing and Sustaining Communities of Practice" (PDF* 167kb) at Griffith University 'Celebrating Excellence in Teaching Week'



 Vice Chancellor at Facilitators CoP


Vice-Chancellor champions CoPs at USQ **(11:14 mins)  - video interview by A/Prof Jacquie McDonald and Prof Bill Lovegrove


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