Starting a CoP

 CoP members
From the spark of your idea conceptualise the community of practice - the focus, facilitator, members, champion, institutional goals and context, opportunities and challenges.

Getting started

  • Establish a core of members for the first meeting - who would share your concern or passion for your CoP domain?
  • Send invitation - consider timing, venue and catering
  • Prepare agenda (using template below) - welcome, introductory activities, sharing practice, building domain knowledge
  • Initial meeting - begin with introductions, explain the community of practice concept, confirm the focus, members set priorities and plan the way forward.


Elements of Communities of Practice

  • A domain of knowledge that creates a common ground and sense of common identity
  • A community of people who care about the domain and create the social fabric of learning
  • A shared practice developed to become effective in the domain.

    For more information about starting a community of practice at USQ contact Sandy Sharman, Senior Human Resources Officer (Organisational Development).