Mandatory exam procedures

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of your exam timetable details, including the date, starting time and venue of your examinations. Exam guidelines can also be found within your course specifications, with provides detailed informatin on each USQ course.  

Prior to sitting for an examination, you should familiarise yourself with the exam procedures, ensuring you adhere to these procedures while sitting your exams:


  1. Students attending examinations at Fraser Coast, Springfield and Toowoomba MUST provide their USQ Student ID Card to sit their examinations.
  2. Students attending examinations at all other venues MUST provide appropriate photographic identification ideally, USQ Student ID Card (or driver's license, passport) to sit their examinations.
  3. Students are required to leave their photographic identification on display throughout the examination./li>

Communication and instructions

  1. Communication of any kind about any matter between students is strictly prohibited from the time that students enter the examination room until they have exited the examination room at the completion of the examination. Any communication will be deemed to be cheating and treated as serious academic misconduct under University Policy. 
  2. Students shall comply with all instructions given by an examination supervisor; published in any examination materials; and with any USQ authorised examination notice on display.
  3. Students are responsible for ensuring their name and student number is recorded on their examination paper and all answer booklets used.

Entering and leaving the room

  1. Students who are unwell prior to entering the examination room must inform the examination supervisor and contact their relevant Academic Program Support Officer for advice. 
  2. Students cannot defer supplementary or deferred examinations.  Students must contact their relevant Academic Program Support Officer for advice. 
  3. Once a student has sighted the examination paper they are deemed to have sat the examination. 
  4. Normally Students will not be admitted to the examination room after one-quarter (25%) of the time allotted to the examination has expired. 
  5. Students are not permitted to leave the examination room until the first half (50%) of the time allotted for the examination has expired. 
  6. Students cannot leave the examination room without permission from a supervisor.
  7. Students cannot leave the examination room in the final 15 minutes of the examination and must remain seated until permission to leave the room is granted by the supervisor.

Exam materials

  1. No food or drink is permitted in the exam room other than a clear plastic container of water.
  2. Electronic equipment is not permitted in the examination room.
  3. Students are required to provide their own writing instruments.
  4. Students can not share or borrow exam materials/equipment under any circumstances.
  5. There will be no writing permitted at all after full time.
  6. Students are not permitted to retain the blue examination paper or examination booklets.

Failure to comply

  1. A student who contravenes or fails to comply with the above exam conditions shall be subject to the provisions of the Policy dealing with Academic Integrity Policy.

For further information please review USQ's Examination procedure, or alternatively contact your Student Relationship Officer.