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Graduating at a later date

You are welcome to attend another graduation ceremony if it’s within 10 months of the initial ceremony at which your degree was granted.

To register to attend a ceremony later:

  1. Complete a Graduation Ceremony Response Form via UConnect > UDo >Student Centre > Self Service > Graduation > Graduate Response and select the ‘Not Attending - Mail my Testamur’.
  2. We will post your testamur within two weeks of your scheduled ceremony via registered post within Australia and TNT courier outside Australia.

  3. Send an email advising us which future ceremony you wish to attend and we will advise the procedure you need to follow.

    Please note that if delaying your ceremony until March/May send us an email no later than early December, or if delaying until September send an email no later than the end of July.

    You will receive a replica testamur when you attend the graduation ceremony.