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Are you going to graduate?

The Faculty of Health Engineering & Sciences, Faculty of Business, Education, Law & Arts, Open Access College or Office of Research determines whether you have completed the requirements of your academic program, and are able to graduate. Please contact them directly if you have any queries about your eligibility to graduate.

Getting ready to graduate

Once you are approved as 'eligible to graduate' the Graduations Office will mail your Graduation Pack. You should receive this information approximately two to three weeks after Results Release for your final semester. You will receive:

If you believe you are eligible to graduate and do not receive your Graduation Pack, please contact your Faculty, Open Access College or Office of Research via the above links.

Graduation ceremony attendance

If you would like to attend a graduation ceremony you must complete your online Graduate Response Form available at UConnect > UDo > Student Centre > Self Service > Graduation > Graduate Response. You must complete this online process indicating your attendance at a ceremony.

Please note if you are unable to attend a graduation ceremony and would like to have your testamur mailed, you also need to complete the online Graduate Response Form.

The online Graduate Response Form is accessible from your Student Centre once you are eligible to graduate and after official results have been released.

The Ceremony Fee for your graduation

The cost to attend a ceremony at any of our venues in Australia is AUD90.00. The Ceremony Fee includes hire of your academic dress (collected at the ceremony when you register), seating for your guests, and light refreshments for you and your guests. An invoice is generated at the time of the online registration and is available in your Student Centre. We encourage you to pay through your Student Centre at the time of registering. No invoice is generated if you are manually registered by the Graduations Office staff and you will be required to manually make payment to the Finance Office. The Ceremony Fee is due no later than 2 weeks before your ceremony date.

Paying your Ceremony Fee (if not paying through your Student Centre)

  • credit card - if you wish to pay by credit card please phone our Finance Department on +61 7 4631 2583 or email
  • cheque or money order - made payable to USQ and forward to the Finance Office, USQ West Street Toowoomba Qld 4350. Ensure you indicate your name, student number and that payment is for Graduation ceremony fee on the back of the cheque.
  • over the counter at our Finance Office, J Block, USQ Campus (8.15am – 4.30pm).

If you are attending the Kuala Lumpur  Graduation Ceremony, a Ceremony Fee of AUD90.00 is payable to USQ Finance. An additional refundable cash deposit of RM300.00 will be required for your academic dress on the day of the ceremony.

Extra guest tickets

You are required to indicate the number of guests you would like to attend on the online Graduate Response Form. If you require additional guest tickets, please register with the maximum number of guests allowed for your ceremony, and contact the Graduations Office after the registration date (see below) and we will endeavor to accommodate your request. Children are welcome, however, every child that occupies a seat is counted as one guest.


4 September 2015
Contact the Graduations Office via email after 13 August 2015  Max 6 attendees
(including graduand)


Wanting to attend a graduation ceremony at a later date?

If you would like to attend a graduation ceremony at a later date, you can, provided it is within 10 months of your official graduation date. Simply select the ‘Not Attending – Mail my Testamur’ option within the Graduate Response process. To ensure we are aware you would like to attend a ceremony at a later date, it is your responsibility to email the Graduations Office. Please note that if delaying your ceremony until March/May send us an email in early December of the year before the ceremony, or if delaying until September send an email at the end of July of the same year. Find out more about ceremony dates and locations.

When can I graduate?

Program Completed

Scheduled Graduation Ceremony

Deferred Graduation Ceremony

Semester 1, 2015
September (Toowoomba) 2015
Mar-May 2016*
Semester 2, 2014 Mar-May 2015 September (Toowoomba) 2015
Semester 3, 2014 Mar-May 2015 September (Toowoomba) 2015

*Please note: 2016 Graduation dates will be released in late October 2015. Please refer to the Ceremony Dates and Locations after this time.

Graduation information for International students

If you are an international graduand who would like to attend a graduation ceremony in Australia, you may need to obtain a visa to enter Australia. If you country requires you to have a written invitation to attend an Australian ceremony in order to obtain a visa please complete the online registration process and then email the Graduations Office.

Transport and accommodation

There are many transportation and accommodation options available near each USQ campus if you are considering attending a graduation ceremony.

Toowoomba is now serviced more easily and frequently by air via the new Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport.

NB: USQ Springfield, USQ Fraser Coast and the September USQ Toowoomba ceremonies are usually held off campus. Please check your graduation venue when registering and booking accommodation.

Parking facilities and public transportation is available at all three campuses.

Graduation instructions