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Loans scheme

USQ maintains a loans scheme to assist students whose overall welfare and academic progress are at risk through financial pressures.

Who is eligible?

Students are eligible to apply for a loan if they:

  • are enrolled at USQ as a student in an award course
  • are experiencing short term financial hardship
  • have exhausted all other avenues to obtain a loan and a student loan is the last resort.

What are the criteria to qualify for a loan?

The following criteria apply to students requesting a loan:

  • a student's continuing study is in jeopardy without short term financial assistance
  • a student must demonstrate a satisfactory academic record or that they have the capacity to complete the course for which they are enrolled
  • ability to repay the loan
  • previous USQ loan history will be taken into account and students with an existing loan will NOT be eligible, unless exceptional and compassionate circumstances are clearly demonstrated.

Types of Loans

Educational Support Loans (ESL) Australian students

Educational Support loans are for specific needs relating to student study and living expenses, such as textbooks and essential course material. Educational Support loans are available up to $1000 repayable up to a maximum of 12 months. For first year first semester students, Educational Support loans are available up to $500 for a maximum of 4 months.

Emergency Expenses Loans (EEL) Australian students

Emergency Expenses loans are available for survival purposes only and must be related to daily living expenses of students such as food and medicine. Emergency Expenses loans are restricted to amounts up to $300 for a maximum of two months.

Emergency Expenses Loans (EEL) International students

International students must bring with them to Australia enough money to pay their fees and living expenses. Emergency Expenses loans for International students must be related to daily living expenses such as food and medicine. Emergency Expenses loans are restricted to amounts up to $500 and must be repaid within three months. Emergency Expenses loans are not available to International students in the first semester of their first year of study.

Note: All loans are immediately repayable in full if the student ceases to be enrolled at USQ for any reason. Failure to repay a loan has implications for the status of an International Student Visa.

What do I need to bring to an appointment for a loan?

To apply for a loan, students must be able to provide evidence that they are experiencing financial hardship. Examples of supporting documentation:

  • documentation of income
  • documentation of what you need the money for
  • Austudy, Youth Allowance and Social Security documents
  • documentation of rent or bond payments, letter from landlord, lease agreement or other evidence
  • list and prices of required textbooks or course materials
  • food and living expenses (no documentation is required)
  • electricity, phone, gas bills*
  • written quote or newspaper advertisement showing the cost of musical instrument or art supplies and supplier details
  • letter from Faculty stating that field trip, seminar, workshop etc is a compulsory part of the course

*USQ will not pay for any bills student incurred before they started their study at USQ. In the first instance you will be expected to contact the supplier and negotiate an extension on the bill. Only if this is not an option will a loan application be considered. If the bill is in the name of another person you will need to provide a letter from that person stating your share of the bill.

What happens if I fail to repay my loan as agreed?

If a student fails to repay a loan as agreed then USQ may:

  • have their final grades for courses withheld;
  • have their Academic Transcripts withheld;
  • prevent them from graduating;
  • prevent them from adding courses for future semesters;
  • have courses deleted in which they are already enrolled for future semesters; and / or
  • place the debt in the hands of the University's debt collection agency

For International students, failure to pay has implications for their Visa status.

If students are having difficulties with repayment they are strongly encouraged to come in immediately to discuss their situation with staff at Student Services. Student Services can also provide advice and assistance on budgeting and money management.