Other study costs

While tuition fees are the main costs associated with going to uni, there are some other costs to consider, for example:

  • your textbooks
  • optional Student Guild fees
  • parking fees if you are on-campus
  • photocopying and printing fees
  • school or office supplies for home study, and
  • accommodation fees if you are living at the Residential Colleges

Charges can also apply to certain administrative actions, for example:







Replacement of an Award Certificate or Graduation Statement    AUD60
Appeal against an awarded final grade
(to be refunded if appeal is successful)  
A copy of a student's own marked examination script    AUD30
A copy of student's own Academic Transcript    AUD15 per copy or
 AUD30 for 3 copies   
Appeal against failure to grant an exemption    AUD65
To test out of a course after having been denied an exemption       AUD120
Extension of time to pay tuition/direct fees  AUD120
Graduation Ceremony fee   AUD90


Student Services Amenities Fee                                   

 $35 per unit/credit point*





 RTS & OHRD Students

 Students attached to a USQ Partner

 HeadStart students for first course  only  

 CPA students

  *Subject to Commonwealth indexation

 Is there any financial assistance I can get?

At USQ, we understand that studying at university is not only challenging on an academic level, but also on a financial level. Some additional financial support information is provided to assist you manage your finances while studying.