Student Services and Amenities Fee

The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SA Fee) was introduced by the Federal Government in 2012 to provide you with enhanced student services and amenities related primarily to:

  • health and welfare
  • orientation and support
  • student development and enrichment, and
  • student assistance programs.

To represent the interests of students the University has established the USQ Student Forum. The Student Forum is a group of democratically elected students who represent all USQ students regarding how the use of these funds is prioritised.

For further information please review the list of Current priorities for the Student Amenities Fees funding.

How much is the SA Fee?

The charge will be based on your individual study load per semester where no full-time student will be charged more than the maximum Student Amenities Fee annual amount of $281 over three semesters (indexed annually) as per Administration Guidelines.

Can I defer my SA Fee?

If you are an Australian citizen or Permanent Humanitarian Visa holder, you may be eligible to defer the fee via a SA-HELP loan, similar to HECS-HELP.

Please note that cross-institutional students who study courses at USQ are not eligible to defer their USQ SA Fee.

What does my SA Fee pay for?

In addition to the list of current priorities, your SA Fee provides you with postage/printing subsidy and library book return subsidy.

Postage and/ or Printing-Postage subsidy

In October 2013 the USQ Student Forum agreed to increase the printing or postage subsidy to $20 per semester for currently enrolled students (up to a maximum of $60 per year). This was introduced on a one-year trial basis initially and commenced in S3 2013.

This subsidy is automatically applied to every enrolled students print account at the start of each semester and is linked to your student number. It can be used to pay for your student printing including Print Express and Bear Print or for the postage of your printing.

When ordering online via Print express, you can choose to use your credit or subsidise either postage costs for your printing order.

At the end of Semester 3 each year, if you haven't used all of your printing subsidy it will be returned to the Student Amenities Fee Fund.

Library book return subsidy

The USQ Student Forum agreed to support a proposal which increased the number of free return postage satchels to six per year for External and Online students who are eligible for the postal loans service available from the USQ Library.

This means that as an External and Online student, you can request that books from the Library be posted out to you and can then use these postage satchels to return items for free. Currently enrolled External and Online students (within Australia) are entitled to six free return postage satchels per year. A review of the number of satchels provided per year is scheduled at the end of 2014

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Further information

Further information about Student Services and Amenities Fees can be found at the Government’s Study Assist website or from the USQ Student Forum Website.