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Graduate Employment

Most major employers recruit graduates early in their final year of study and work commences as soon as studies have been completed.

Other resources

To help you find employers recruiting in your discipline, a variety of websites and services are available: 

Contact Us for further assistance.

Tips on how to start your career

  • Find out what you have to offer an employer in terms of skills and knowledge. This may help you identify jobs right for you by matching who they look for in a team member.
  • The first job you get may not be exactly what you are looking for, but don't discard the opportunity because it is one foot in the door. Ask yourself what can you take from each experience and keep evolving. 
  • Find information about available jobs and preferred applicant qualities through: 
    • employer websites 
    • recruitment and employment websites 
    • career fairs 
    • career planning websites
    • contacting the employer directly 
    • newspapers
    • networking (the hidden job market).

Further information

For more information on graduate employment opportunities contact the Career Development Team.