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Mentoring activities

Mentors may decide to utilise planned activities to foster the mentoring relationship and to contribute to the mentee's professional development.

Potential activities include:

  • workplace visits
  • observation of a "mentor's day" (shadowing)
  • an induction into the workplace
  • attendance at staff meetings
  • professional association meetings
  • seminars/conferences
  • work experience
  • opportunities to "information interview" other professionals.

If you are planning on undertaking any of the above activities, please contact the Career Mentoring Program coordinator to arrange an appropriate level of WorkCover insurance.

What mentees talk about with their mentor

There may be occasions where there is not an apparent match between the mentee's interests and the mentor's area of expertise. However, this situation can create an opportunity for the mentee and the mentor to expand their ideas and "think outside the square" as well as focus on employability skills.

The topics of discussion that ensues between mentor and mentee will depend upon the form of the mentoring relationship. Topics may include:

Mentor's current position

  • mentor's job description
  • mentor's typical working day tasks
  • hours and working conditions.

Mentor's personal experiences

  • mentor's background and interest in the field
  • majors or degrees
  • relevant jobs or employment opportunities leading to various careers.

Mentor's organisation/industry

  • background information about organisation and industry
  • professional organisations
  • workplace culture
  • characteristics of the Australian workplace
  • identification of potential industries.

Employability skills

  • employer expectations
  • typical selection process/interview requirements
  • workplace values
  • time management.

Position information

  • training, education, experience
  • skills and personal qualities
  • industry remuneration rates
  • transfer or promotion opportunities
  • career strategies.