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Mentee FAQs

Who can be a mentee?

The Career Mentoring Program is open to all current second, third, and fourth year undergraduate and postgraduate USQ students. First year students may be also considered for the program.

How do I register as a mentee?

Students will be able to register for the program in late March and April. All you need to do is complete the mentee registration form on CareerHub.

Can I participate if I am a distance education student?

Yes, it is still possible to participate in the Career Mentoring Program. The program is open to all students. In situations where you are not in the same physical location as your mentor, communication can take place via phone, email, video conference or online chat. If you are in the same location as your mentor, we do recommend that you meet with them face-to-face at some stage during the program.

What is the required of me in the program?

As the mentee, you are expected to drive the relationship. Therefore, the time commitment is negotiable and dependent on your needs. When you and your mentor first make contact, you should discuss how and when you will communicate. You should aim to connect with your mentor for at least one hour (or equivalent) twice a month for the duration of the program. There is also some documentation that you will need to complete periodically in order to gain formal recognition for your participation in the program.

How am I matched with a mentor?

When you register for the program, you will be given the opportunity to nominate your preferred mentors from a selection of mentor profiles. You should think carefully about who you select as the program coordinator will attempt to match you with at least one of your preferences.

How long does the program go for?

The Career Mentoring Program runs from May to September. If you and your mentee both agree to, you may continue your relationship beyond the formal end date of the program.

Can I withdraw from the program at any time?

Yes you may. However, we do encourage you to carefully the mentoring relationship you are entering, and the opportunities afforded to you through participation in the program.

Is there a cost?

There is no fee to participate in the program.

Who makes the first contact?

As the mentee is the driver of the relationship, you are required to make the first contact. If you do not receive any response from your mentor within four weeks of your first contact, please contact the program coordinator.

Will my mentor provide me with employment?

No. Guarantee or provision of employment is not one of the objectives of this program. The mentor only provides you with assistance in understanding the current work environment and may be able to provide you with some assistance as to how to achieve future employability.

What happens if I conflict with my mentor?

If you are experiencing conflict, please contact the program coordinator.