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Mentee Role

The Career Mentoring Program will provide mentees with opportunities to receive encouragement, ignite motivation, access networking opportunities, receive input on employability skills and develop a plan to achieve future career goals.

The role of the mentee is to take advantage of the opportunities offered to them by their mentor and make the most of the mentoring relationship. These opportunities may include:

  • connecting with employers and industry representatives
  • personal development - this is a great opportunity to develop your employability skills
  • creating professional career goals with the assistance of an employer or industry representative
  • discussing issues relating to the workplace and employability
  • being motivated and inspired by learning of another's life experiences and achievements
  • developing networks with other employers and/or industry representatives
  • gaining an increased understanding of an organisation
  • improving your positioning for employability, and
  • securing future employment through establishing networks.

Note that it is up to the mentee to build rapport with the mentor and ask questions, seek relevant information and utilise the connections that are given.

The mentee is expected to "drive" the mentoring relationship by developing the agenda or discussion points for the mentor to comment on. The mentor may respond by sharing their experiences, challenging assumptions and providing further insight. Ultimately, the success of the program will depend on the mentee. Their ability to establish a relationship based on trust and respect with the mentor will determine what they get in return.

The Career Mentoring Program will provide you the opportunity to develop generic employability skills including your communication, initiative and self-management skills. These are part of the Employability Skills Framework which formally documents what employers are looking for in prospective employees.