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"My mentor is giving me real world experience and motivation to unleash my potential," he said, "my mentor is really helping me with networks and is able to steer me in the right direction."
MBA Student

"Basically, the mentoring program has been rewarding as well as challenging. It's been great to get knowledge and insight that you can't get otherwise, to have someone guide and assist you in achieving career goals - to have some real-life experience before you step out of Uni is really helpful, to have some feel for how your academic skills go into play in the working environment."
IT Student

"I was given guidance and direction for my career path. I had someone with the voice of experience in my field to question...I was heard by my mentor and had my fears of the future removed...this is great ground-breaking work student services have implemented - keep it up!"
Nursing Student

"I have met a wonderfully encouraging person who is interested in seeing me achieve my goals and opened my eyes to other opportunities I may not have discovered on my own - exploration of career options. Someone who sees and believes in my skills, abilities and potential. Development of networking skills and exploration of professional associations."
Business Student

"I've got the adrenalin pumping - I met up with my mentor today. Already I have gleaned alot from our 'meet and greet'. I'm so inspired to move on. Working in the HR field, my mentor was able to give me a glimpse of my employment prospects in the wide world, and it's all good. (I thought I might be at a disadvantage with my age, gender etc., however my mentor was able to dispel my concerns). My mentor is a very positive person who has achieved great things and I hope to learn much more from his experiences."
Accounting Student