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Casual employment, vacation and volunteer work

Casual employment can be found in many areas, including hospitality, retail, tutoring or secretarial services, and this can include any form of job as you go through university.

While this type of employment may not have a lot to do with your desired career path, the experiences gained from any form of work can be valuable. Most jobs require the use of communication skills, decision-making skills and taking initiative. By completing casual work you will have gained experience in these areas and be able to tell an employer about the competencies you acquired.

Volunteer work 

You can offer to work for non-profit organisations or even complete non-paid work at organisations for which you would like to work. This offers all the benefits of the above two sources of gaining experience and can also be used in your port folio. This offers the ability to acquire referees and make contacts. Volunteer work shows potential employers you have initiative, motivation and are community oriented.

How to get a volunteering position

Some organisations may be unwilling to take on volunteers as they have to spend time training them and allocating appropriate tasks. Therefore, you should emphasise the benefits from the employer's point of view through the skills you can contribute, your willingness to be trained and to learn, your energy and your flexibility. You should also emphasise the fact that you will be undertaking the work for a limited duration. To look for volunteer work for non-profit organisations you can visit the Go Volunteer website for more information.