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What is mentoring?

Mentors provide their expertise to less experienced individuals in order to help them advance their careers, enhance their education, and build their networks.

What does a mentor do?

A mentor can act as a sounding board for ideas or plans that may affect your career. Mentoring fosters the development of relationships which benefit both the mentor and the mentee.

The mentor provides counsel, insight and guidance to the mentee. The mentor is provided with the opportunity to invest in the lives of others and contribute to the mentee's future goals and aspirations.

The Career Mentoring program seeks to provide opportunities to students to assist in the development and management of career opportunities. Mentors registered for this program have expressed an interest to help students from specific disciplines. They will in turn be matched with students who have similar aspirations.

We seek to engage mentors who are committed, focussed and visionary, while we aim to attract students who are committed to managing their career development. Students who participate in the Career Mentoring program may seek:

  • direction
  • validation
  • motivation
  • encouragement.

Mentoring is effective when the mentee's goals and objectives are established clearly from the beginning. Establishing clear outcomes will assist both parties in maximising the potential benefits that may develop from the mentoring relationship.

Career Mentoring assists student to establish relationships and networks in order to achieve their full potential. Past program participants have found that their involvement in the program has enhanced their self-confidence when it comes to seeking employment.