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Direct email service

USQ Careers & Employment offers a direct email facility to enable quick and efficient contact with students regarding graduate employment or other related topics. The details you provide will also be listed free of charge on CareerHub, our internet job search service.

Arranging an email communication

To organise an email communication, you will need to: 

  • provide an approximate statement of 200 words regarding the employment opportunity, including application and contact details. Please note attachments are not permitted.

Your email will be forwarded from USQ and recipients will be directed to your organisation and your entry in CareerHub. Alternatively, we can undertake a mail distribution and post students the information (if preferred).


The cost of our email (or mail) distribution service is a $110.00 (inc.GST) flat rate administration fee. An itemised invoice will be forwarded to your organisation, subsequent to the email dispatch to students. 

Further information 

If you are interested in this service and would like further information, please contact Careers & Employment