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Sponsored scholarships

Employer-sponsored scholarships can make university life a lot easier for students and can also provide many benefits for organisations.

There are many ways to structure a scholarship and our staff can assist you to develop the model that best suits your organisation. 

Employers can also use a sponsored scholarship:

  • as a recruitment tool to assess the students abilities during their practical industry experience 
  • to promote your organisation amongst students and the University
  • to raise the profile of your organisation and its reputation as a potential employer for students
  • as a possible recruitment tool, and a great way to meet potential employees and gain an understanding of their abilities
  • to have an active involvement with the University while contributing to a USQ students future.

Our students would benefit from a sponsored scholarship with:

  • monetary assistance for books, living expenses or course fees
  • practical work experience with an organisation and an insight into the industry
  • potential future employer upon graduation
  • the development of network career opportunities in their preferred industry.

Further information

For further information contact the USQ Scholarships team