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Become a Disability Support Worker

Disability support staff are employed to provide a range of supports to assist students achieve their academic goals. They are usually students undertaking study in the same area, or may have recently graduated and have good knowledge of the tertiary environment.

The support worker role encompasses a wide range of roles including:

  • notetakers
  • scribes
  • class participation assistants
  • readers
  • tutors and
  • sign interpreters.

Responsibilities of the support worker

Support workers are provided to assist with the independent learning of the student with a disability and are required to provide unobtrusive support and assistance, maximising the students participation in the tertiary environment.

It is important that the support worker is able to treat the client, their choices and their decisions with respect and dignity and always encourage the sense of independence and positive self-esteem and maintain the students right to privacy and confidentiality. Refer to our Guidelines for Disability Support Workers for further information.

Applying for a position of Academic Support Worker

Disability Resources recruit support workers each year at the start of each semester. If you are interested in providing support services, please contact the Disability Resources.