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Exam adjustments

USQ demonstrates flexibility in delivery of assessment methods for students with disabilities. We understand that your individual needs will be different depending on the type of disability and format of exams, and this will be discussed with you during your registration with Disability Resources.

Disability Resources will negotiate on your behalf to achieve a reasonable offer of accommodations, ensuring you have an equitable opportunity when taking your exams. Some common adjustments made for exams include:

  • extra time and rest breaks
  • use of a scribe or reader
  • permission to medicate during an exam
  • alternative formatting
  • use of special furniture.

Special examination adjustments

Special exam adjustments require the approval of lecturers so that academic standards are maintained. For this reason they cannot be guaranteed, but every effort will be made to achieve an approval or to negotiate a reasonable offer of exam accommodations. These special adjustments include:

  • morning exams
  • home exams
  • rescheduling of exam dates
  • use of prompt sheets
  • use of a computer, and
  • alternative assessment methods.

If you require a rescheduled exam date, you will be required to sign a statutory declaration declaring that you will not discuss the exam with any other person involved in the course, and therefore providing or obtaining an unfair advantage.

View your exam adjustments

Your exam timetable will be released 6-8 weeks prior to each exam period. Your timetable will advise the time, date, location of your assessments, and any approved accommodations.

To access your exam timetable by:

  • login into UConnect
  • click the UDo tab
  • click the Student Centre button
  • open the other options drop-down list
  • select Exam Timetable from the drop-down list
  • click the Go button

Your exam timetable is displayed for the current semester, including information on where the exam centre is located.

To view exam adjustments:

  • click the Special Requirements button appearing against each course
  • and check information for each individual course.

It is important that you check this information and contact Disability Resources immediately if you need to have your accommodation reviewed.

Mid-Semester exams

If you are required to sit mid-semester assessments, you will need to advise Disability Resources as early as possible, so that any exam accommodations can be organised. You will need provide details of the date of the exam, name of the examiner and the course name and code (ie CSC1402, Foundation Computing), and we will then arrange for any applicable accommodations.