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There are a number of accommodation options for you to consider while you study at USQ. It is important to think about what is best for you and what will suit your lifestyle, budget and living needs.



The USQ Residential Colleges in Toowoomba gives students academic, community, social and leadership opportunities to make your university experience a fulfilling and memorable one.


The Springfield Residential Village is a community situated within Education City and offers accommodation, cafes, restaurants, shops and student services all in one central location.


You can search for available accommodation on the following websites;

Fraser Coast

Contact the Welfare Officer (Fraser Coast) who can assist you in finding suitable accommodation.

Rights and Responsibilities and share housing

The Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) administers the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008. The RTA provides free tenancy information to tenants, deals with bond lodgement and refund services, offers services for tenancy disputes and can investigate breaches of the Act. 

Students often choose to share a home with other people to make living more affordable. If you have chosen this option, it might be helpful to read through the Share Accommodation (PDF* 260KB) fact sheet to give you a better understanding of tenants and lessors rights and responsibilities.


Homestay enables international students who want to live in a home environment or with a family to gain an insight into Australian life. It offers a unique opportunity to experience Australian culture first hand by participating in the host family's daily routine. For more information about homestay, please contact;

Toowoomba - Homestay Coordinator

Springfield - Union Institute of Language

Fraser Coast - Executive Officer (International Development)

*This file uses Portable Document Format (PDF), which requires the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader. A free copy of Acrobat Reader may be obtained from Adobe. Note: users who are unable to access information in the above format should contact the Welfare to obtain this information in an alternative format.