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Your student account

Your student account gives you access to USQ systems which help you with your studies.

With your student account you will have access to:

  • UConnect
  • UMail
  • UDrive
  • USQStudyDesk, and 
  • campus computer labs.

Your username and password

You will need your USQ username and password (also known as your log in) to access your student account. Your log in details are important as they protect your privacy and provide some protection to your resources.

Further information on your username and password including changing your password and retrieving your forgotten password is available.

Internet quotas

Your internet quota is the set amount of web browsing and downloading you can do when using the USQ internet service provider (either through a computer lab or via wireless access).

If you are browsing a USQ website (any website that contains ‘’) this does not come off your internet quota.

You are allocated 3GB per month to browse and download information relevant to your studies. 375MB internet quota is assigned to your student account each Monday at midnight and another 375MB again each Friday at midnight.  If you use more than your quota, you will not have access to view internet pages until your quota is topped up.  Please note that if you do exceed your internet quota you will still have access to your USQ systems and all ‘’ websites.

To monitor your internet quota, log into UConnect > UAsk.


Printers are available for you in the Computer Labs around campus. Further information on printing, including your print quota and printer locations is available on the Student Printing Services webpage.

Policies and Standards

To ensure you use USQ computing systems correctly, please read our policies and standards.