Network file storage

USQ provides students with a personal home drive (H) on the network for storage of files (up to 300MB of data).

Once you have logged into a computer in the computer labs, your personal home drive can be accessed by clicking the ‘My Documents’ folder on the Desktop.

Do not save your work to any other location on the computer as when you log out or turn off the computer your files will be removed.

Please note that you cannot access your Home Drive (H) via wireless connection from your mobile device.

Exceeding your data quota

If you have exceeded your quota the following will happen.

  • You will receive an error message ‘cannot save or create this file, the disk may be full or write protected’
  • You will not be able to save files
  • Files open as ‘Read Only’ documents and you will not be able to amend them.

Should these errors occur, you need to delete files that you do not need to keep and save any other files to a CD/DVD or USB. The recycle bin will also need to be emptied.