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Computer labs

Do you need to use a computer on-campus? USQ has 20 general purpose (Windows computers) computer labs throughout its 4 campuses. There are two Macintosh Computer Labs and two Linux Labs at Toowoomba campus including Q251 which is a Teaching and General Purpose lab. Please check the timetable for availability. Springfield Campus has four Macintosh labs, and one in the 24hour computer lab.

Before you use the computer labs please familiarise yourself with the Computer lab etiquette and regulations.

Where are the labs located?

Toowoomba campus

The Toowoomba campus computer labs are located in Q253, the Student HUB and R301 (opposite the loans desk on the 3rd floor of the Library). Opening hours are 8.00am - 6.00pm (Monday to Friday). 

The Student Hub computers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Access to these computers is gained from the Northern or Southern doors of R block and is available to:

  • All enrolled students for the current Semester

If you are unable to access this area, please contact Security

Fraser Coast campus

The Fraser Coast campus computer labs are located in WA122, WA125, WA136 and the Library.  There is also a computer lab located at the Maryborough Hub.

Springfield campus

The Springfield campus computer labs are located in A1CL1, Level 1 in the Library, A2ES1, Psychology computer lab (Level 3), A4CL1 (BAM Editing Suite), A5CL1, A5CL2, A6CL1 (Postgraduate computer lab).

Further details on the windows labs is available.

Ipswich Campus

The Ipswich Campus computer labs are located in H209, on the ground floor of the library, I207, I208, and  I209, I210 which are 24hr access. 

All 4 campuses have 24 hour swipe card access. Your swipe cards are issued by:

  • USQ Security located in Z3 Building (for Toowoomba students);
  • USQ Bookshop located in A126 (for Fraser Coast students);
  • USQ Security personnel located on Level 1, opposite A1CL1 (24 hour computer lab) (for Springfield students);
  • USQ Security located in building C1 (for Ipswich students);

Computer lab maintenance schedule

The 24 hour computer lab’s maintenance is carried out between 3.30am and 5.30am. If you are using a computer at this time, a 3 minute warning notice will appear letting you know that the computer is about to go into maintenance mode.

Once the warning notice appears you must save your work. The computer will be unavailable during this two hour time frame. The assigned mornings for each Campus are:

  • Toowoomba - Thursday 3.30am - 5.30am - R Block Level 1 Student Hub 
  • Springfield - Wednesday 3.30am - 5.30am - A1CL1 
  • Fraser Coast - Tuesday 3.30am - 5.30am - WA122, WA125, WA136 and Library 
  • Ipswich – Wednesday 3.30am – 5.30am - I207, I208, I209, I210 

All other general computer laboratories have a daily maintenance period between 12:00am (Midnight) and 6:30am across all campuses.

Ask us! If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact the ICT Service Desk.