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Computer lab etiquette and regulations

The University’s computer labs are valuable pieces of equipment, therefore, it is important that they are not abused.

Entrance to the laboratories is by way of swipe card readers which are designed to read Student and cards. If your card is faulty or not reading please contact the ICT Service Desk, telephone extension 1900. Your student ID must be presented when requested by security staff.

Procedures for acceptable use

Please follow the below guidelines when using the Universities computer equipment.

  • don't breach copyright regulations
  • don't play games on the computers
  • don't take food or drink into the laboratories
  • don't smoke in the laboratories
  • don't litter in the laboratories
  • don't make undue noise in the laboratories
  • don't disturb other users
  • don't use the on/off switch to reboot
  • don't let unauthorised users into the laboratory
  • don't give the combination to unauthorized users
  • Students with a booked time slot should first inform anyone occupying their booked PC that they have a valid booking.
  • Students who fail to vacate when requested will be subject to disciplinary action for breaches of discipline defined by USQ policy.
  • Students should inform the ICT Service Desk of any breaches or problems which they cannot resolve.
  • Random checks will be carried out by ICT and Library staff to ensure procedures are not being abused.

Please report misconduct of other users to the ICT Service Desk during business.

Computer resources

The computers at the University are limited and many students need to use them for course activities. If you are not using them for study purposes please make them available for those who need to use them.


The printers on the network are used by many users in different laboratories and running different applications. If the setup of the printers is altered then their operation for other applications will not work as required. Therefore, if you could please leave the printer setups as they are.


If your print job does not immediately begin printing, please be patient. It may be that other users have sent their printouts prior to yours. The complexity of your print job (graphics or lots of colour) may affect how fast it prints.

Priority for use of computers

Priority for use of the computers in the laboratories is given to booked tutorials followed by assignment and course work. If access to a computer is still available after these, you are able to use the computers for general use for educational purposes. Games are not permitted at any time.

Reporting Faults

If you discover any equipment with a fault, do not assume that it has been reported and move to another machine. Please report the fault to the ICT Service Desk it so that it may be fixed.

Use legitimate software only

Unless otherwise stated, duplication of any software supplied by the University constitutes a breach of copyright regulations.

Illegal or swapped software (including DOS) may not work on the University's computers. Programs can harbour viruses which infect computers, consequently destroying your files and those of subsequent users. Public domain virus detection software is available for loan from the University's library.

Please note that if disciplinary action may be taken against those who violates any of these regulations.