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Macintosh users

To ensure you Macintosh computer is compatible with the USQStudyDesk, we recommend the below configuration settings.

Requirements for home configuration

  • A supported web browser and particular settings
  • Sun Java installed for PC or enabled for Macintosh
  • Pop up blockers disabled
  • Add Blockers disabled
  • Third Party Toolbars removed

Please note that virus software (eg AVG or Norton's) may cause problems when downloading and installing Sun Java. Check the settings for your virus protector and enable the allow scripts and allow downloads for .exe.

Government provided and private enterprise

Students who are using their employer's computers (eg Defence Force, Police, some local councils, etc) may need to seek permission from their IT Support personnel prior to making any changes such as installing Sun Java and changing the cookies and security settings.

Where to Start

  1. Log into USQStudyDesk.
  2. Look for the ‘Browser Check' link in the top right corner of the Study Desk page.
  3. If the Browser Check window does not appear, disable pop up add blocking software.
  4. Scroll through the Browser Check results page to check all areas.
  5. If there are no RED crosses, then your PC/Mac is ready to use USQStudydesk.
  6. If any items are marked with a RED cross, please see the below instruction to browser tune-up.

Steps for Browser tune-up

  1. Refer to the browser tune-up instructions.
  2. Choose your Browser from the list provided.
  3. Follow the steps as per the guide. Look at the requirements for Vista 3.0.

For further support and assistance please contact the ICT Service Desk.