Content authoring

About Content Authoring

ICE (Integrated Content Environment) is USQ's core system for content authoring. There are two components – editing in common word-processors and the web-based application which brings the system and resources together for file management, content rendering to HTML via a style sheet and export options. Some features of ICE include:

  • editing in a word-processor ( Writer or Microsoft Word) with customised templates and styles
  • consistent presentation
  • export for online, CD or print delivery modes
  • individual or collaborative work options for authors
  • files under revision control

Other Authoring options

Other content authoring options are available to you, such as Word, PowerPoint, PDF and audio, and these may be used to create and manage course resources. However, it should be noted that these tools are not supported by Learning Resources Development Services (LRDS) or Learning Systems Support (LSS). You as the author are also responsible for employing all appropriate copyright and quality checks on these resources if you use these tools.