Creative Commons

Wanna work together?: A brief video overview about Creative Commons

About Creative Commons

Creative Commons (CC) Licensing is a system of recognising the legal creators of a work, whilst at the same time encouraging the use, re-use and re-purposing of this content by others. Items that have a Creative Commons Licence attached still retain copyright but at the time of creation, the author or authors stipulate how their work can be used. The terms of use are identified by a series of symbols which clearly state what actions other users can take with their work.

Why use Creative Commons?

Traditional copyright automatically infers that permission must be sought to use a work, or to create derivative works from the original. Creative Commons, however, encourages sharing and remixing by building in provisions for use at the time the content is created. Content can include text-based materials including entire books, as well as photos and images, audio files and videos.
Besides adhering to the usage agreement attached to each piece of content, there are no impediments to using these materials in your course. CC licensed material is usually free, or low-cost, and there is a growing amount of content available for Higher Education. This allows a lecturer to flexibly and easily add or remix content for their course legally.

Creative Commons at USQ

Creative Commons Licences can only be applied by the copyright owner of the work.

At USQ Creative Commons may be applied to works such as:
• Scholarly Material (eg. research publications)
• Artistic Works

As outlined in the Intellectual Property Policy, USQ retains copyright ownership of the following items created by a USQ employee during the course of their employment –
• Course Material;
• Computer Works;
• Administration Material; or
• Material created at the express request or direction of the University.
If a USQ employee wishes to apply a Creative Commons Licence to an item for which USQ retains copyright, permission must be sought from the University Legal Office (link to -


The following support services are available to provide assistance when using Creative Commons licensed materials:

• The eLearning Designer (Learning Resources Development) provides assistance with educational design and the use of Creative Commons resources.