Associate Professor Michael Sankey discusses USQ's approach to technology enhanced learning

Hi, I’m Michael Sankey, The Director of Learning Environments and Media. USQ has a proud history of using technologies to enhance our online learning environments, so that we can provide our students and staff with a more interesting and engaging learning and teaching experience. 

We as a group have come along way over recent years in developing a comprehensive suite of online tools and support mechanisms to make the task of learning and teaching more accessible for all.
Our Moodle learning management system provides us with a great foundation for our next wave of enhancements and innovations in this exciting space. We are moving quickly to ensure that all the learning environments and the materials we provide can be accessed from any device you may own. Whether that be a computer, a pad of some description, or even a smart phone. 

We are always looking for new ways to make our systems more integrated; to facilitate a seamless learning or teaching experience. 

For example, the integration of our Mahara ePortfolio with our USQ StudyDesk, will provide a much clearer learning pathway; providing all of us a platform where we can display clear evidence of our professional learning and practice. It’s designed to help create a professional online identity, and to make that available to whoever we choose; our peers, fellow student, or even potential employers.

USQ is also playing a major role, along with a number of other universities, in developing new functionality in the assessment capabilities within Moodle (our StudyDesk). As these enhancements are introduced, along with other emerging functionality, this will allow us, as a university, to further streamline the large suite of systems that are currently required to manage learning and teaching.

Our role is to make it easier for you to do your job by providing you a seamless online experience, whether you are a staff member or a student. We look forward to working with you to make this exciting future a reality.