Electronic assigments

About Electronic Assignment Submission

USQ has two submission systems recommended for submission of student assignment work electronically:

  1. EASE
  2. Moodle Assignment Submission module.


EASE is an acronym for Electronic Assignment Submission Environment

  • Stand alone system that is linked to from within the USQStudyDesk.
  • Course leaders are able to add an EASE block onto their USQStudyDesk course home page with all links required by both students and course managers.
  • All assignment data is taken directly from SCHED (SCHEDule of courses).
  • Marks can be transferred to PeopleSoft Gradebook.
  • It has a 'Marker Management Module' which allows markers to log in, mark electronically on their own machine, and upload marks and feedback directly into the system.

Moodle Assignment Submission module

The Moodle Assignment Submission module is a feature available within the USQStudyDesk environment.

  • The Moodle Assignment Submission system is not reliant on information from SCHED, and it is suitable for smaller courses with one marker. It should be used for formative and makeup assignments. EASE does not offer this functionality.
  • Assignments can be set up individually within Moodle, and you are also able to set up practice assignments.

EASE Session 1 - Access and Setup

EASE Session 2 - Distribution to markers

EASE Session 3 - Marker process

EASE Session 4 - Moderation and release