Course Managed Assessment

About CMA

The CMA system enables students to complete formative (optional) or summative (mandatory) assessments online. For current PeopleSoft assessments, grades are calculated automatically and uploaded into Gradebook. CMA uses single source XML to generate all deliverable online and print as required, as well as student feedback which is automatically sent to the students when results are released. Over 100 courses use the CMA system for exams and assignments with over 25,000 submissions per semester.

Benefits of CMA for lecturers/examiners include the:

  • automatic marking of tests
  • automatic upload of student results into PeopleSoft
  • automatic feedback generation
  • ability to generate print and web tests, as well as print and web feedback
  • considerable saving in time required for administering assessment of large courses
  • various question types including multi-choice, alpha-numeric and short answer.

The CMA system offer a multi-choice exam Part A marking service to all faculties, this service is available at no cost to the faculties.