What is ePortfolio?

The USQ ePortfolio (Mahara) system is available to students, alumni and staff, and is designed for you to showcase your academic, professional and personal skills and experiences. As a staff member you can use the ePortfolio system to collate the skills and experiences you’ve developed, as well as building a list of career objectives and goals.

You can use your ePortfolio to:

  • create journals (blogs) to document your activities, achievements and research
  • create pages and collections of pages
  • collate, store and share files securely, by controlling who sees what you have prepared
  • link to both internal and external media and images.

The USQ Mahara ePortfolio system offers a social networking opportunity to build your professional and educational networks using friendship lists, groups and notifications.

Good practice example

  • Michael Sankey ePortfolio


  • (PDF 67 KB)Can I track user activity
  • (PDF 746 KB)Columns and general appearance
  • (PDF 631 KB)Create a collection
  • (PDF)Forums and journals  
  • (PDF 1.07 MB) How to create pages and create a collection in ePortfolio
  • (PDF 866 KB) How to upload files and organise files in your ePortfolio