Plagiarism detection

Understanding plagiarism

Turnitin, is the plagiarism identification software used by USQ to enable students and/or staff to check written assignment work for inaccurate citation or potential plagiarism. It can be used as an important learning tool to help students understand academic referencing norms, individual ownership of intellectual property and intellectual honesty.

Turnitin, OriginalityCheck compares submitted documents to a continuously updated global database containing existing documents and web pages to generate an 'originality' report. This report displays the student's work with links to 'similar' documents from the Turnitin database and also a 'similarity' index showing the percentage of matching or similar text. The lecturer has the option of showing the originality report to the student as part of the submission process.

It is recommended that this tool be used in conjunction with either EASE or the Moodle Assignment Submission tool. Examiners who choose to use Turnitin are also advised to include this in the course specification.

USQ specific course setup for using Turnitin

The instructions below are for examiners/teachers to setup Turnitin within individual courses on the USQStudyDesk.

Generic USQ-Turnitin course for self-checking of Papers/Assignments

This generic course has been setup to allow both students and staff to self-check papers/assignments that may not be associated with a specific USQ course.