Presentation capture

About Camtasia Relay, Studio and Adobe Presenter

There are a number of tools USQ uses for presentation capture. Camtasia relay is used for lecture based capture. Camtasia studio for pre-recorded screen-based capture and editing of presentations, while Adobe Presenter is designed for creating audio enhanced PowerPoint presentations at the desktop.

Introduction to Camtasia Relay

USQ uses two main tools to produce online recordings for students to use for study purposes. These are in the form of live lecture recordings or streamed flash presentations. The two preferred and supported tools used are Camtasia Relay and Adobe Presenter.

Camtasia Relay is loaded onto all lecture/teaching room computers on all campuses. It is used to record a live lecture or tutorial session. It produces a presentation that can be viewed on computers and portable devices via a web browser. The recording process has several stages:

  • a client software is installed on a computer, PC or Mac, and records what is displayed on a computer screen and audio from a microphone.
  • the recording is submitted to a server and converted to a range of video and audio formats automatically.
  • the final product is made available and stored in a repository for staff to access and placed onto USQStudyDesk. It can also be published as a non-courseware presentation which can be made available to anyone.
  • there is also a portable recorder version that can be used off campus and on any computer which stores the recording on a USB. When you return to campus you can submit the presentation to the server and it will be processed in the normal manner.

Presentations and resources

Relay on your desktop

You may also use Camtasia Relay on your office desktop computer.

Introduction to Camtasia Studio

Camtasia studio is a software package that may be used to record and edit screen captured presentations. It is used on a desktop computer to pre-record lecture content at the desktop and/or edit Camtasia Relay presentation captured in a teaching space. This software is available to all academic staff members and installation may be requested through the ICT Service Desk.