About Adobe Presenter

Adobe Presenter is a plug-in for PowerPoint which is used to create pre-recorded teaching content. It converts a PowerPoint presentation to web-based format using Flash for online viewing. It then:

  • compresses the file size of the presentation
  • also converts each slide to a separate Flash file making it extremely suitable for online delivery
  • uses streaming technology
  • is easier to download and can be used online or delivered on CD.

Adobe Presenter can also be used to add media such as audio, video or flash animations to PowerPoint.

Once you have converted any PowerPoint presentation to Adobe Presenter, you can easily go back to the original PowerPoint presentation, edit the content and republish to Adobe Presenter.

Adobe Presenter can be used in teaching materials to:

  • provide more easily downloadable online PowerPoint presentations for students
  • personalise presentations with your own narration
  • add other media elements to presentations.