Good practice examples

The USQStudyDesk is the university's online environment for every course USQ runs. Most students are exposed to between 8-32 course environments over the life of their degree, and in many cases up-to 4 per semester.

For this reason it is important that there is consistency between these course environments, particularly in relation to navigation and the access to learning resources. USQ provides some basic standards (guidelines) to the way in which the USQStudyDesk sites could/should appear. These are not just for the students’ sake, but to also make it easier for staff to determine what is seen to be good practice (based in solid research). Put yourself in the students’ shoes, would you like to have to re-learn how to use a course site every semester, let alone have to learn how to use 4 per semester?

That’s is why we are making the following suggestions:

  • (forthcoming)