File Format Guidelines

1. File Formats for ePrint Deposit

Searchable PDF is the preferred format for deposit if possible. (That is, papers that are converted into PDF format from Word or similar, rather than PDF created from a scanning process).

The following formats can be submitted directly into ePrints:

  • Text: PDF, Word, HTML, ASCII. (Postscript and LaTex files should be converted to PDF if possible prior to deposit), .zip and .gz compressed files
  • Images: JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF
  • Audio: AIFF, MP3
  • Video: MPEG
  • Data: XML, comma-separated values

If your file is not in one of these formats and you do not have access to conversion software (eg Adobe Acrobat) please contact the USQ ePrints Editor to discuss the feasibility of the Library converting the document for you.

Files may be compressed into a ZIP or .gz Unix compression file prior to loading to ePrints. Files stored in this format can be unpacked by any user accessing those files via the web. The standard Windows and Unix tools for compressing files should be used prior to uploading where compression is required.

All images should be optimised for the web prior to loading into ePrints. Further information about managing images on the USQ website includes advice about re-sizing and the use of photographs.

2. File Naming Conventions

  • No spaces;
  • Any appropriate alpha-numeric combination; and
  • The only symbols permitted are - (hyphen) or _ (underscore).

3. File sizes

The content you submit into ePrints will be searchable and retrievable via the Web.

There is no file size restriction. If your file is greater in size than 2 Mb, it may be advisable, but is not essential, to split files to enable easy access for viewers who have bandwidth or access problems.

If you have deposited split files, please label them clearly, and deposit these as well as the unsplit file. If your content must remain as a single discrete object, this can be supported in most cases.

4. Further information

For any queries relating to file naming, sizing or formats, please contact the USQ ePrints Coordinator.


Version 1: 2005, minor revision July 2009
Version 2: 2011, approved ePrints Management Committee 19/9/11