Procurement and accounts payable

 Procurement forms    Accounts payable forms
 Authority to raise requisition or make a credit card payment (xlsx 45 kb)  

 Cash declaration form (xlsx 30 kb)

 Corporate card application form Amex (docx - form fill 240 kb)    Entertainment form
 Corporate card authorising officer agreement Amex (docx - form fill 238 kb)  

 Payment request (external to USQ) (xlsx 25kb)

 Corporate card application form Mcard (docx - form fill 218 kb)    Payment request (homestay) (xlsx 25 kb)
 Corporate catd authorising officer agreement Mcard (docx - form fill 218 kb)    Payment request (transactional) (xlsx 123 kb)
 Corporate card dispute form (pdf 327 kb)    Petty cash hand over form (xlsx 44 kb)
 Corporate card purchase request - FC (docx - form fill 60 kb)  

 Petty cash reimbursement form (xlsx 40 kb)

 Corporate card purchase request - QCWT (docx - form fill 61 kb)    Petty cash voucher (xlsx 45 kb)
 Corporate card purchase request - SF (docx - form fill 61 kb)    Request and undertaking - unpresented cheque (docx- form fill 45 kb)
 Corporate card purchase request - TWBA (docx - form fill 60 kb)    Statement by supplier (ATO)
 Credit card quick reference guide (docx - form fill 29 kb)    Statutory declaration - AP version (pdf* 60 kb)
 Invitation to quote to $5000 (docx - form fill 29 kb)    
 Invitation to quote to $10000 (docx - form fill 31 kb)    Vendor forms
 Invitation to quote to $100000 (docx - form fill 31 kb)    Vendor addition - domestic (xlsx 60 kb)
 Policy exemption request - partial (docx - form fill 29 kb)    Vendor addition - international (docx - form fill 143 kb)
 Policy exemption request - total (docx105 kb)  

 Need to find the ABN for the vendor form?

 Policy exemption recommendation - total (docx 103 kb)  Finance use only    Vendor change - domestic (xlsx 60 kb)
 Procurement risk assessment matrix (docx - form fill 39 kb)    Vendor change - international (docx - form fill 50 kb)
 Purchase order - cancel request (docx - form fill 86 kb)    
 Purchase order - finalise request (docx - form fill 84 kb)    

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