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Fraser Coast Student Representative Committee

What does the SRC do?

At USQ Fraser Coast the Student Representative Committee (SRC) represents the greater student body at the Fraser Coast campus by ensuring they are part of the campus decision making process. The SRC also contribute to the social side of campus life, working alongside Phoenix Central to plan and promote student events.

What is the SRC? 

 If you have an idea or an issue you want to discuss, contact one of your committed SRC members. 

 President  Joseph Donaldson
 Vice President  Deb Murray
 Secretary  Peta Greenfield
 Editor  Colin Matthias
 Indigenous Representative  Dimity Shillingsworth
 Business and Commerce  Representative  Vacant
 Business and Commerce  Representative
 Aileen McKay
 Nursing and Health Representatives  Aaron Smith
 Nursing and Health Representatives
 Aileen McKay
 Education Representative  Olivia Arthur
 Education Representative
 Counselling and Psychology Representative  Sally Cripps
 Counselling and Psychology Representative

Alternatively you can send suggestions via email to:

'The Ashes' - Student Newspaper

'The Ashes' is a student newspaper written by USQ Fraser Coast students, for USQ Fraser Coast students. The SRC organise the production of the newspaper by coordinating the articles received from the Fraser Coast student body.

To submit an srticle for publication email and address the email Attn:Editor.

'The Ashes' Issues 

March 2013 Issue 1
 April 2013 Issue 2
 May 2013 Issue 3 
 June 2013 Issue 4
 September 2013 Issue 5
 October 2013 Issue 6
 February 2014 Issue 7
 April 2014 Issue 8
 May 2014 Issue 9


Please review our Terms of Reference of the USQ Fraser Coast Student Representative Committee.